Whistler Snow?

How About Almost 6 Feet In 7 Days

Possibly the best Whistler snow we have ever had. That's the way we felt at the end of our 7 day stay in Whistler last week.

Light, fluffy and almost 6 feet (177 cm) of it fell while we were there. Each morning as we headed into the elevator of our ski-in ski-out condo on Blackcomb Mountain we would check the overnight snow report with big smiles on our faces. It just kept piling up day after day.

Daily snow report for March 16, 2012 If there is one thing you can typically count on at Whistler, it's lots of Whistler snow

And best of all you didn't have to go looking for the powder in the trees or in the top bowls of the mountains. It was right there at mid-mountain on the green and blue runs.

The cousins in the powder snow on Easy Out Blackcomb Mountain Our boys with their cousin in the fresh, deep powder snow on Blackcomb Mountain...
and this is a green run that had been groomed the night before!

Even the buildings were getting buried. Here's a look at the Raven's Nest Restaurant, which is located about 1/3 of the way up Whistler Mountain at the top of the Creekside Gondola, with snow piled up to the roof.

Raven's Nest Restaurant, top of the Creekside Gondola, buried in snow

Now that's a lot of snow.

But it wasn't until I came across the two photos you'll see below (before and after type photos if you will) that I took at different times of the ski season this year, that the sheer volume of snow that fell this past week really hit me.

Let's Go See The Piggies!

Pig Alley sign, Whistler Mountain

Ever since our youngest boy Thomas started skiing a few years ago (when he was 3), one of his favourite runs has been "Pig Alley" on Whistler Mountain.

Not because of any great fall line, or awesome snow, but because he got to wave at the 3 pigs on the sign as he skied by! It's become a bit of a tradition for him. And it's also become a bit of a tradition for me to snap a photo (can you still use that term with digital cameras now?) of him with his pigs.

So on a weekend trip to Whistler resort just before Christmas this year we both carried on our traditions. Thomas goes and sees the pigs, I take a picture...

Thomas pointing to the pigs at Pig Alley, Whistler Mountain pre-Christmas THE BEFORE PICTURE: Here's Thomas (in the yellow) with his big brother
visiting Pig Alley on Whistler Mountain and waiving "up" to his pigs in mid-December

In addition to being Thomas' favourite spot on the mountain, Pig Alley is also where the Whistler Weather Station is located. All of the official weather information for Whistler Blackcomb Mountains is gathered here, including the Whistler snow measurements that are reported each day. It is located near the top of the Whistler Gondola as you can see in the aerial photo below.

Aerial view of Whistler/Blackcomb showing Pig Alley location The two white lines represent the gondolas on the respective mountains.
Pig Alley is located near the top of the Whistler Gondola, about 3/4 of the way up the mountain

And now the "after" photo. Thomas almost has to bend down to pet his pigs in this photo. They are almost buried under all that fluffy Whistler snow.

Thomas visiting his pigs on a snowy day at Whistler resort THE AFTER PICTURE: After 6 feet of Whistler snow in a week
Thomas' pigs are almost buried!

Here are the two photos side by side for a better comparison.

And to top it off, here are a couple pictures of the Whistler weather station at Pig Alley where the Whistler snow accumulation and daily snowfall is recorded . The photo on the left was taken on the same day as the photo above.

Will you be so lucky when it comes to Whistler snow quantity when you visit Whistler? Maybe not, but even with the snow levels where they were in that mid-December photo, all of the runs on Whistler Blackcomb were open and the skiing was great.

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