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When my family and I head out for an extended trip to Whistler Blackcomb, our choice of Whistler ski lodging is always at the top of the list in terms of importance.

Lucky for us we have stayed in the vast majority of the available hotels, resorts, lodges and condominiums over the past 20 years, so we have a pretty good idea of where we like to stay.

You, on the other hand, might not be so lucky. Especially if you are planning your first trip to the resort and don't know the difference between the Chateau Whistler and the Whistler Village Inn and Suites for example. But just as important as knowing about the individual places to stay, is knowing about the different "Whistler accommodation areas" that house the bulk of your Whistler lodging options. So to help you out, let's go on a little tour and I'll show you around those areas (and point out some of our favourite places to stay in Whistler along the way).

Whistler Ski Lodging Map

Whistler ski lodging map by area

I thought the best way to start our Whistler accommodation area tour would be to take a look at the big picture so to speak. Above is the view you would have from the top of one of the neighbouring mountains that sits across the valley from Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. (Alternatively, here is what it looks like from the peak of Whistler Mountain.) On this "map" of Whistler I have included some of the key ski lifts so that you can see where they originate relative to the different accommodation areas. The six coloured polygons on the map represent the six distinct lodging areas in Whistler. Of those six, you will find that the majority of Whistler ski lodging is located within just four of those areas (the red, yellow, blue and aqua areas).

The Four Main Whistler Accommodation Areas

Unless you are renting a private chalet or home, your Whistler lodging of choice will almost surely be located in one of the following four areas...

Whistler Village ski lodging area yellow Whistler Village

Whistler Village accommodation area showing Crystal LodgeMom and our two boys in Whistler Village. The Crystal Lodge
is on the right and Blackcomb Mountain in behind

This is the "main" village of Whistler. If you want to stay right in the heart of the action (restaurants, shops, nightlife etc.), and have access to both Blackcomb and Whistler Mountains practically at your doorstep each morning, then Whistler Village would be your area of choice when booking your Whistler ski lodging.

The village was designed and built around 1980 as a pedestrian only area which helps give it that European ski village feel.

Accommodation options within the main village range from high end hotels and resorts such as the Whistler Hilton and the two Pan Pacific Hotels, to more basic lodgings such as the Best Western and Holiday Inn.

Whistler Village Lodging Recommendation: If it were up to our son Callum, we'd likely stay at the Pan Pacific Whistler Village Centre every time we visit Whistler. (Let's just say he's not opposed to luxury.) I think he particularly enjoys the great breakfast buffet spread each morning, the modern, luxurious suites, the friendly staff and of course the nice outdoor pool and hot tub with views of both Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. Here are some pictures from one of our stays...

callum in front of the Pan Pacific Whislter Village Centre Pool and hot tub Pan Pacific Whistler Village Centre
Callum in front of the Pan Pacific Whistler Village Centre
The view out over the pool with Whistler Mountain in the background
Callum at the brekfast buffett Pan Pacific Whistler Village Centre Thomas and Callum with Jacqueline Whistler Pan Pacific
Checking out the incredible buffet breakfast
Our boys with their favourite waitress, Jacqueline
One bedroom suite Whistler Village Centre Pan Pacific bathroom at Pan Pacific Whistler Villagekitchen area Whistler Village Pan Pacific one bedroom
Relaxing in our one bedroom suite
Luxurious bathrooms and modern kitchen areas

Whistler Village North blue area Whistler Village North

Whistler Village North accommodation area showing Delta Whistler Village SuitesWhistler Village North, Whistler Mountain
in the background Delta Whistler Village Suites on the right

Directly adjacent to the main village is Whistler Village North. As the name suggests this extension of Whistler Village lies just to its north.

I say "extension" because this village was designed to extend the main village and mimic the feel and layout in terms of accommodations, shops, restaurants, bars etc. Like the main village, Village North is also a pedestrian only area.

Although some of the Whistler ski lodging options in this area are still technically within walking distance to the lifts, the distance starts to become significant when you are wearing ski boots and lugging your equipment (and your children's equipment as well!). A couple of the hotels in this area offer free shuttles to and from the mountains (the Delta and the Summit Lodge) on a regular schedule. But even if you stay elsewhere in this area, a bus stop where you can catch a free bus to the mountains is never far away.

Your Whistler ski lodging options in Whistler Village North range from the higher end Delta Whistler Village Suites, to basic condominiums, to four star chalet/homes located outside of the actual village area.

Whistler Village North Lodging Recommendation: When choosing Whistler ski lodging in this area, our top choice tends to be the Delta Whistler Village Suites. Located just over the pedestrian bridge from the main village, the Delta is a modern hotel with nice amenities. We stayed there recently while our 8 year old son Callum was hired for a photo shoot on Whistler Mt. for Boden clothing company's "Mini Boden" catalogue. Here are some photos from our stay...

Thomas in front of the Delta in Whistler Village Northinterior of one bedroom suite Delta Hotel Whistler front entrance Delta Whistler Village Suites
Our three year old Thomas "hanging out" at the entrance, and a cozy fireplace inside
Front entrance to the Delta Whistler Village Suites
view of kitchen in Delta Hotel Whistler view of bedroom Delta Whistler ski lodging
Interior of our one bedroom suite
The master bedroom
outdoor pool at Delta Whistler Village Suites Callum in Mini Boden catalogue shot on Whistler Mt.
The swimming pool
Our little supermodel Callum in the Mini Boden catalogue, posing at Whistler ski resort in Canada
(photo credit: Boden)

Whistler Upper Village red area Whistler Upper Village (Base of Blackcomb Mountain)

Whistler Upper Village accommodation area showing Le ChamoisWhistler Upper Village pedestrian walkway
Le Chamois Hotel

The Whistler Upper Village is located at the base of Blackcomb Mountain and is about a 5 to 10 minute walk from the main village.

Although you will find a handful of restaurants and shops in this area, what you will find the most of is hotels and lots of condominiums. In fact, if you are looking for true ski-in-ski-out Whistler ski lodging, this is the best area to look.

The village area itself has a short pedestrian only walking area that basically runs from the front entrance of the Fairmont Chateau Whistler over to the base of the Wizard chair lift.

The upper village actually encompasses quite a large area, and a large number of lodging options. As such, it is highly likely that if you are considering booking a condominium in Whistler/Blackcomb, this is an area that you may end up in. And while there are a good number of Whistler ski lodging options here that are located within walking distance to the lifts (or ski-in-ski-out), many of the places require you to hop on the free village shuttle to access the mountains.

Whistler Upper Village Accommodation Recommendation: Instead of just recommending one place to stay in this area, I thought that since there were so many options I'd give you our top two picks. One pick will be in the hotel category, the other in the condominium category.

Our Top Hotel Pick: The Fairmont Chateau Whistler is not only our top hotel choice in the Upper Village, it also ranks right up near the top of our overall Whistler ski lodging top picks. Built to emulate a traditional French château, this Whistler resort sits right at the base of Blackcomb Mountain, and only steps from the Wizard chair lift. Here are some photos from one of our trips when we stayed at "The Chateau" as it's known locally...

Fairmont Chateau Whistrler as seen from the base of Wizard chiarlift great hall entrance Fairmont Chateau Whistler at nightMom and Cal outdoor fire pit Fairmont Whistler
View of the Fairmont Chateau Whistler from beside the base of the Wizard chairlift, Blackcomb Mountain
Entrance/Great Hall (left), outdoor fire pit with a view of Whistler Mountain (right)
Dad and Cal in the Fairmont swimming pool Whistler Upper Village inside the spa at the Chateau Whistler
My son and I enjoying a swim in one of the outdoor pools
Inside the spa area where you will find hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms and work out facilities
dinner and drinks in the lounge at the Chateau family breakfast at the Wildflower in the Chateau
Mom and Thomas enjoying "dinner and drinks" in the spacious Mallard Lounge, Chateau Whistler
Family breakfast at The Wildflower, located on the main floor

Our Top Whistler Upper Village Condo Pick: Living in Vancouver allows our family the luxury of visiting Whistler Blackcomb for short weekend trips, in addition to the longer stays over Spring Break or Christmas holidays. As such, the length of our stay will often play into our choice of Whistler ski lodging.

When we are just up for the weekend we typically will only book accommodation for a Saturday night giving us very little time to fully enjoy the place we are staying. However, when we head up for a longer stay we like to make sure that we end up in a place that is spacious, well located and with some nice amenities to enjoy on site. Hence our choice of the Woodrun Lodge last March when we were planning our annual week long trip during the kid's school break.

The Woodrun Lodge is one of the original "true" ski-in-ski-out Whistler ski lodging options on Blackcomb Mountain. (I say "true" because you can truly ski-in and ski-out right from the door of the ski locker room. No five to ten minute hikes with young kids.) And because it is one of the original condominium buildings built on Blackcomb, the suites are very, very spacious, unlike some of the newer properties where space is at a premium. Here are some photos from our stay...

Callum ready to put on his skis and head to the lift (Woodrun in background)
Looking down to the base of Blackcomb from beside the Woodrun Lodge
The pool (with a ski run in behind)...
and arguably one of the biggest (and best) hot tubs in all of Whistler!
The living room of our two bedroom condo (lots of room, and vaulted ceilings to boot!)
The large kitchen and entranceway

Creekside Village Whistler aqua area Whistler Creekside Village

Whistler Creekside Village accommodation area showing Legends Hotel and First Tracks LodgeSnowboarding into Whistler Creekside Village
First Tracks Lodge (left), Legends Hotel (right)

Whistler Creekside or "The Creek" as it's also known, is located at the original base of Whistler Mountain circa 1966. It remained so until the new main village was built around 1980.

Within the last decade, a tremendous amount of redevelopment has taken place in this area to give it more of a village feel. (The area where the new village sits used to be a gravel parking lot a few years ago, so the upgrade was necessary and made for quite an improvement in the aesthetics of the area.) New high end resort hotels have been added along with a small "pedestrian only" village with shopping and restaurants.

Many of the Whistler ski lodging options here are located within a stones throw of the Creekside Gondola, and there is also a ski school area for tots located right at the base.

Whistler Creekside Village Accommodation Recommendation: As I eluded to above, when our family plans an extended stay in Whistler BC we like to make sure we choose lodgings that have an excellent location, great amenities and nice spacious suites. Well, for a recent 4 night stay in Whistler we opted for a one bedroom suite at Whistler First Tracks Lodge in the Creekside area and were definitely not disappointed. Our youngest boy Thomas loved the place so much he wanted to skip the skiing and play in the pool and hot tub all day. Here are some photos from our stay...

Whistler Creekside Legends hotel next to gondola Cal and Thomas in pool and hot tub
First Tracks Lodge located just steps from the Creekside Gondola
Cal and Thomas enjoying the pool. There are two separate hot tubs in the background, one for adults only
Whistler Creekside accommodation dining and living area modern and spacious kitchen at the Legends
The lovely dining and living area...
and the modern spacious kitchen
Whistler Legends Creekside master bedroomon-suite bathroom Whistler Legends hotel the boys celebrating their own room with a television
The large master bedroom (left) and en suite bathroom with heated slate floors, separate shower and bath and two sinks (right)
Thomas and Callum celebrating their own little bedroom (the couch pulls out) with their own television!

The Remaining Two Whistler Ski Lodging Areas

The final two Whistler ski lodging areas, Nicklaus North and Blueberry Hill, cater more to people who are looking to rent larger private homes and chalets during their stay in Whistler.

Blueberry Hill green area Blueberry Hill

This area is located on a hill (hence the name) overlooking the Whistler Golf Course. Accommodations in this area are comprised of a few condominium properties, and an assortment of private homes and chalets. When the Prince of Wales vacationed in Whistler a few years ago, his party rented four large chalets in the Blueberry Hill area so that should give you an idea of the quality of the properties here.

Nicklaus North purple area Nicklaus North

The area known as Nicklaus North is actually a small neighbourhood that is adjacent to the Nicklaus North Golf Course. The only accommodations available in this area are larger, private homes and chalets.

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