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Timing Your Arrival To Ensure The Best Discount

The single day Whistler lift ticket prices that you will pay if you walk up to a ticket window at either Whistler or Blackcomb Mountains will vary somewhat throughout the ski season. A few dollars less at the beginning and end of the season, a few dollars more during the regualr season.

And the same can be said of multi-day tickets that are purchased once you arrive in Whistler. The prices fluctuate by a few dollars throughout the season.

Whistler lift ticket prices at ticket window, Blackcomb Base 2 Whistler lift ticket prices circa 2011-2012, Blackcomb Mountain, Base 2

What does change quite significantly throughout the season is the price that is charged for pre-purchased multi-day ski lift tickets. For example, an adult, six day lift ticket sells for about $100 more over the Christmas holidays than it would in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Based on these fluctuations in ticket prices, there are a few ways that you can try and cut your costs on Whistler lift tickets on your next trip.

Getting The Best Whistler Lift Ticket Prices

Anytime you pre-purchase a multi-day ticket for Whistler Blackcomb (whether it be from your accommodation provider, transportatiojn provider, or directly from the resort) you will receive a discount on the ticket window price. How much of a discount? Well, it ranges from a mere 1% over the Christmas ski season, to as high as 40% (for a 5-day ticket) at the beginning and end of the winter season.

So, the first way to cut down on your lift ticket cost is to always pre-purchase them before arriving in Whistler. Doing so will at least guarantee you some sort of a discount on the price you pay.
But it won't necessarily guarantee you the "best" price. In order to find the perfect Whistler ski lift tickets (ie. best priced) for you and your group I encourage you to take a ride on our Whistler/Blackcomb Lift Ticket Wizard. It will walk you through a series of short questions and make sure that you end up purchasing your lift tickets or passes from the right source, at the right price

Skiing in Whistler pre-Christmas Skiing in Whistler BC during the pre-Christmas season

The second way to cut your costs would obviously be to plan your vacation during a part of the season when Whistler lift ticket prices are lower. Skiing at the beginning or end of the season is always cheaper than skiing at say Christmas time or during February/March.

The third way to perhaps save yourself some money is a little less obvious and may or may not work for you and your situation. Having said that,  I thought I should point it out none the less and explain how it works. And the best way to do that is to give you an example. From there you can apply the technique to your own situation.

Let's say you are planning a vacation to Whistler for the week prior to Christmas, a popular time with families because often the kids are just starting school holidays. And because it is a popular time to visit, Whistler lift ticket prices are at their highest. Even pre-purchasing a multi-day pass will only save you 1% off of the ticket window price. What to do?

Make sure that you arrive in Whistler and begin skiing the day before the ticket prices go up. Here's how this will save you money.

As mentioned earlier, the cost of a pre-purchased adult, six day ticket over the Christmas holidays is typically about $100 more than the cost of that same six day ticket for the weeks leading up to the holidays.

Now, if you were to arrive in Whistler and begin skiing on the first day that prices increased for Christmas (typically around the 20th of December, but it varies by a few days each year), you would pay top dollar for your lift tickets for all 6 days. But, if you were to simply arrive one day earlier and begin skiing on the day before the prices increased, you would ski virtually the same six days at roughly an 18% discount.

For a family of four (2 adults, 2 kids) the savings would be between 300 and 400 dollars depending on the ages of the kids.

Reading Whistler Lift Ticket Prices

As you have probably figured out by now, these type of savings will only occur if you are arriving for your ski vacation at a time when the lift ticket prices are changing. Therefore, this little trick may or may not be relevant to your situation.

However, the important thing to remember when looking at Whistler lift ticket prices for pre-purchased tickets is that you pay the price that is shown for the day that you begin to ski or snowboard regardless of whether or not the prices change in the middle of your ski/snowboard days. So make sure that if you have the option to capitalize on better pricing by arriving a day early, or a day later, that you take advantage of it.

Take a look at the three charts below which lay out the Whistler Blackcomb ticket pricing for three different "seasons":

Note: The pricing and dates below are for illustrative purposes only. For current pricing and dates please see our complete Whistler Blackcomb ticketing guide.


6-day pre-Christmas season Whistler Blackcomb multi-day lift ticket prices


6-day Christmas season Whistler Blackcomb multi-day lift ticket prices


6-day Regular season Whistler Blackcomb multi-day lift ticket prices

In each of the three charts you can see that I've circled the 6-day price for a pre-purchased adult lift ticket. To better understand how the ticket pricing works we'll look at four different scenarios.

Scenario #1: If you started your six days of skiing/snowboarding on the 18th of December you would pay $454 plus tax

Scenario #2: If you started your six days of skiing/snowboarding on the 19th of December you would pay $540 plus tax

Scenario #3: If you started your six days of skiing/snowboarding on the 1st of January you would pay $540 plus tax

Scenario #4: If you started your six days of skiing/snowboarding on the 2nd of January you would pay $444 plus tax

As you can see, the Whistler lift ticket prices that you will pay can change quite dramatically by choosing to start skiing one day early or one day later, depending on your situation.

This is just one unique way to save some money on Whistler ski tickets. There are others. In order to make sure that you are not overpaying for you lift tickets, run through our Whistler Lift Ticket Wizard or take a look at a comprehensive list of all of your Whistler Blackcomb ticket options.

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