Two Ways To Save When Making Whistler Hotel Reservations

Our family has made dozens of Whistler hotel reservations over the years. Being pseudo-Whistler locals, we've had to.

You see, we live in Vancouver, but we travel to Whistler a lot. We know the resort well, but we don't live right in Whistler. Hence the "pseudo-locals" label. So when we do make our way up Highway 99 from Vancouver to Whistler, we need to have a place to stay while we are there. In other words, we have to book hotels and condos like any other tourist. And because we do it so often, we've learned a few cost saving tricks along the way.

The scenic drive from Vancouver to Whistler on the Sea to Sky Highway... ocean, mountains, snow
Dad and Cal check-in at the Whistler Pan Pacific Mountainside
Cal enjoying his complimentary hot chocolate in the lobby

The truth is we like staying at all the different hotels and resorts Whistler has to offer. Sure we have our favourites, but we like to try new accommodations as well.

And being pseudo-locals gives us an interesting take on the resort of Whistler. Like I said, we "play" in Whistler all the time. But we also have a visitor's perspective when it making Whistler hotel reservations, eating out in the restaurants, shopping, buying our lift tickets etc.

The Whistler Pan Pacific Mountainside as seen from Whistler Mountain, arrow showing pool hot tub area One of our favourite Whistler hotels, the Pan Pacific Mountainside (under large white arrow) as
seen from Whistler Mountain. The small white arrow points to the pool and hot tubs.

Our goal is to pass this knowledge (gained through years of arduous research) on to folks like yourself so that you can plan the best Whistler vacation, at the best price. Acquiring all of this knowledge isn't easy, but someone has to do it...

In our Pan Pacifc robes beside the pool Getting ready to do a little hot tub "research"
at the Whistler Pan Pacific Mountainside Hotel

In the hot tub, Pan Pacific, Whistler Village and gondola behind My son and me in the hot tub with
Whistler Village and the Whistler Gondola behind

Saving When Making Whistler Hotel Reservations

There are certainly lots of variables to consider before making your Whistler hotel reservations. What part of the resort do you want to stay in? Do you want accommodation that offers ski-in ski-out access? What amenities do you want at your hotel? And of course... How much do you want to pay?

If you're like me, you want a nice hotel, at the best price.

If that's the case, finding a nice hotel in Whistler isn't difficult. There are many to choose from. The tougher part is getting the best price.

To that end, here are a couple of things that I find myself doing almost every time when making Whistler hotel reservations. Experience has taught me that by simply following these two "tips" if you will, I can sometimes save 15%, 25% or sometimes as much as 33% on the price of a hotel room.

Tip #1: Compare Prices At A Few Different Websites

Alright, that may seem like a pretty obvious "tip". But again, my experience has taught me that prices can sometimes vary widely from website to website, so it pays to check a few sites.

In fact, just a few months ago I saved myself 33% ($450) on a three night stay at a nice Whistler hotel just by shopping around a bit. Here's how.

Our two princes in our Four Seasons Deluxe King room - Whistler hotel reservations The "royalty" in our family relaxing in our room
at the Whistler Four Seasons

This past December I wanted to treat our family to few days of pre-Christmas skiing (a great time to head to Whistler by the way), and a few nights at the Four Seasons Resort at the base of Blackcomb Mountain. The ultra-posh Four Seasons is the only 5 star hotel in Whistler, and the price tag of the rooms typically reflects this.

But if you want the best luxury hotel that Whistler has to offer, the Four Seasons is your best bet. From the moment you arrive, to the moment you leave, you are treated like royalty. Knowing that our two boys are not opposed to luxury when it comes to hotels, I thought a few nights here would be a nice little family treat. So off I went to book three nights from December 18th to the 21st.

First stop, the Four Seasons website. We needed a room that would sleep 4 people, so I settled on their Deluxe Room which has a king bed and a pull-out sofa. (Don't worry, the sofa is pulled out and turned down by the hotel staff each night.) The cost, $395 a night.

Nightly rate at the Four Seasons Whistler $395 Nightly rate offered at the Four Seasons website, $395

With that price in mind, I thought I would check out a few more websites and see if I couldn't find a better deal.

My next stop was a website that focused specifically on Whistler accommodations. Their nightly rate for the same room, for the same three nights? $1030.00

Suddenly $395 per night was looking like a deal!

Undeterred I set off to check one of the big players, Expedia.

Expedia nightly rate at the Four Seasons Whistler $395 Nightly rate offered by Expedia, $395

No deals here. They were offering the same nightly rate as the resort. But before I booked in at that price, I thought I'd check one more site, Travelocity.


Travelocity third night free at Four Seasons Whistler Nightly rate offered by Travelocity, $263

They were offering a "third-night-free" for the exact dates that we wanted, which dropped the nightly rate down from the Four Seasons' website rate of $395 to only $263 per night. So for an extra 5 to 10 minutes work, I saved myself over $450 (including taxes).

Not bad.

And when compared to the second travel website price of $1030, I saved over $2,500.

Mom and Callum, on the couch in the lobby of the Whistler Four Seasons at Christmas The lobby of the Four Seasons Whistler, decorated for Christmas

Now I realize that this is only one example, but the point to remember is that when it comes to making Whistler hotel reservations you owe it to yourself to shop around.

Tip #2: The Type Of Reservation You Choose Can Make A Big Difference

Not all types of Whistler hotel reservations are the same. Certain details can drastically reduce the price that you will pay. Learn more about this tip here.


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