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How To Ski For $79 On Your Next Vacation

If you live in Canada or Washington State, the Whistler Edge Pass is "usually" your best bet when it comes to getting the biggest discount when purchasing Whistler Blackcomb lift tickets. (Folks who use our Whistler Blackcomb Ticket Wizard routinely find this to be the case.)

For example, the regular season price of an adult, 5-day Edge Pass is currently $375, or $75 per day (before tax). Not a bad price considering single day lift tickets are priced at $102, and a 5-day "multi-day" lift ticket during the regular season is priced at $94 per day (before tax).

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Like I said, it's a good deal, but what I want to show you here is how you can take those Whistler Edge Pass savings to the next level and cut you skiing and snowboarding costs in half.

Switching Up Your Whistler Vacation Times Can Save You A Bundle On Lift Ticket Costs (And Accommodations)

If your time spent at Whistler/Blackcomb typically consists of a weeks vacation each winter, then this cost saving technique might just work for you. Especially if you don't mind switching up the time of the season that you visit. I say this because to make this work you would need to schedule your vacation to Whistler for April every other year.

Vacation in Whistler in April? Yup!

April can be a great time of year to ski or snowboard in Whistler. There is still lots of good snow to be had (Whistler/Blackcomb averages over 10 metres/34 feet of snowfall per year) in addition to warmer temperatures and sunshine.  Combine this with big savings on lift tickets and accommodations and it can be one of the best times to visit Whistler.

Recently we were in Whistler for the first weekend of April for a photo shoot our son was doing for Boden, a clothing company from England. When we arrived at our hotel in the morning, the Delta Whistler Village Suites in Whistler Village North, the snow was falling. This of course meant fresh snow on the mountains!

Snow fall ouside Delta Whistler Village Suites in April Snowing on Blackcomb Mountain in April
Snowing at the Delta in Whistler Village North in April...
and snowing at the top of the Excelerator Chairlift on Blackcomb Mountain the same day

And then the sun came out on Whistler Mountain to make for a gorgeous spring ski day!

Sun shines on Whistler Mountain in April Looking up to the peak of Whistler Mtn. on a sunny April ski day

With over 10 metres of snowfall during the winter, you can typically count on being able to ski right to the bottom of the mountains in April with no problem. Here is a shot I took that weekend looking down to the base of Blackcomb Mountain.

Snow to the bottom of Blackcomb Mountain in April Looking down towards the base of Blackcomb Mountain with snow right to the bottom.
Also, did you notice that there is absolutely no one in the lift line?

Alright, by now I've surely convinced you to consider vacationing in Whistler in April, so let's look at how you can save big on your lift tickets by doing so.

Near the end of each Whistler ski season (typically around the end of March, beginning of April) Whistler Blackcomb begins to sell their Edge Cards for the following season. Now, in addition to being able to purchase a Whistler Edge Pass for the following season at a discounted rate, there are a few other perks thrown in to the mix.

One such perk is a free ski day before Christmas the following season.

Another perk, and this is the one that can save you some good money, is that for a nominal amount ($79 last season) you get unlimited skiing or riding from the beginning of April right through until the end of May.

Timing Your Whistler Vacations To Maximize Your Savings

So here is what you do...

1. Plan to take your vacation to Whistler next season at the beginning of April.

2. Wait and purchase your 5 Day Whistler Edge Pass (for the following season) when you arrive in Whistler.  At the same time purchase the "Ski The Rest Of The Season" add on for $79. This allows you to ski or ride your entire vacation for the one low price. Therefore, if you skied 5 days on your vacation, it would only cost you about $13 per day. That represents a savings of approximately $50 per day (before tax).

Now, if a family of four with two adults and two children all did the same thing, the savings on 6 days of skiing for the family could easily be in the $800 to $900 range. $300 per adult and $100/$150 per child depending on their age.

3. When you return the following season (are you following me?) you would then use your pre-purchased Edge Card at that time. And, by pre-purchasing at the end of the previous season you would have saved yourself about 10% to 15% off the full price of the pass.

Remember when I said that it was possible to cut your lift ticket costs in half by using this strategy? Well, here's how to achieve that. Simply vacation in Whistler before Christmas that following season and use the free day you received for pre-purchasing along with the 5 days already loaded on your Edge Pass. For 12 days of skiing over the two seasons the total cost would be 5-day-edge-card-spring-discount-pricing-plus-unlimited-skiing... $335 (the discounted price of the edge pass) plus $79 (the cost of the unlimited skiing). The cost per day works out to just over $34, less than half of the $75 per day you would pay by going the conventional route of buying two Edge Passes.

Sunny December ski day at Whistler Blackcomb A sunny December day on Blackcomb Mountain looking towards Whistler Mountain

An Unconventional Way To Save Money Using A Whistler Edge Pass?

Alright, I'll admit that this is an unconventional way to purchase, use and save on lift tickets using a Whistler Edge Pass. But you have to admit that saving around $1000 over the course of your next two Whistler vacations is enticing. Is it not? And we haven't even started talking about the money you will save on your Whistler Accommodations by travelling in the shoulder months of April and December.

But if you are still not sold on this strategy, (or it simply doesn't fit your vacation plans), and you still want to get the biggest discount on your lift tickets, I encourage you to "take a ride" on our Whistler Ticket Wizard to ensure you purchase the right lift tickets at the best price for you and your family and friends.

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