Whistler Deals Do Exist

Knowing where and when to look for Whistler deals is the key to saving yourself a bit of money on your next Whistler vacation. And the best place to start is on you big ticket items like accommodation and lift tickets.

Now, I'm not promising you any bargain basement prices, but there are a few ways to save yourself a few dollars while you visit.

For example, if you are a AAA/CAA member, one of the top resorts in Whistler will offer you a 20% discount off their best available rates. Are you a senior (at least 55 years old)? You may qualify for discounts on Whistler hotels (up to 15%), lift tickets (up to 90%) and other activities.

If you are going to book a hotel in Whistler, you won't want to do it without reading this tip. And if you want to save up to 35% on hotel accommodation, then make sure you know which hotels offer this deeply discounted type of reservation.

View Of The Roundhouse Day Lodge, Whistler Mountain
View of the roundhouse day lodge Whistler BC Canada

Know When To Visit Whistler Blackcomb

Probably the best way to find Whistler deals is to visit during the "shoulder" seasons. ie. before Christmas and after the end of March. You will save on just about everything from accommodations to lift tickets by visiting during these times. And lest you think the skiing is "sub-par" those times of year, I assure you it is not. In fact, early season skiing at Whistler can be some of the best, as this is when the resort gets most of its snow. And spring skiing can also be excellent. The snow at the top of the mountains (where you will do 95% of your skiing) is still great in late March/early April. And when the sun shines it's even more spectacular.

Finding Deals On Lift Tickets

One of the biggest expenses that you will likely incur on your Whistler vacation is buying your lift tickets. A family of four, skiing or snowboarding for a week, can easily spend $2000 or more to get up the mountains. Having said that, here's a few tips to save some money while riding the lifts.

1) Purchase your lift tickets before you get to Whistler. There are two ways to accomplish this.

First, you can purchase discount lift tickets at 7-Eleven stores in Vancouver or Squamish. (Squamish is about half way between Vancouver and Whistler) You will save about $15 to $20 per day per ticket in peak ski season compared to buying your tickets at the mountain. Again, for a family of four the savings can be in the $400 to $500 range.

Second, you can purchase your lift tickets as part of your accommodation package. For example, if you were to book your vacation through Expedia (which I use all the time to book Whistler accommodation for our family), you will have the option during your booking to purchase discounted lift tickets. These discounted tickets are only available if you purchase them when you book your accommodations, but it can be worth it.

If you are traveling to Whistler during peak season (usually any time from the week before Christmas through to the last weekend in March) you won't save a great deal on Whistler/Blackcomb lift tickets this way, but during the shoulder seasons (see above) you can. If you are travelling during peak season you are much better off buying your tickets from 7-Eleven once you arrive.
View of Chateau Whistler from the mountain side.
Finally, and this doesn't happen often but... I have come across offers through Expedia for free Whistler lift tickets when you book certain hotels. For example, last March our family booked five nights at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler through Expedia, and not only did we get a great deal on the room rate, they threw in a free day of skiing! Again, you don't find free lift ticket offers that often, but I have found that of all the travel sites, Expedia consistently has the best Whistler deals, for both room rates and incentives.

2) For Residents of Canada and Washington State.

If you are a resident of Canada or Washington State (you will need proof of residency and photo ID) you can purchase a Whistler Blackcomb Edge Card and enjoy savings every day you ski. The cost of the 1 day Edge Card includes one day of skiing and is usually about $10 less than the cost of a full price ticket. After the first day, you will automatically receive anywhere from 25-50% off the price of the rest of the lift tickets you purchase throughout the season.

View Of Seventh Heaven, Blackcomb Mountain Form Whistler Mountain
View of Seventh Heaven, Blackcomb Mountain from Whistler Mountain

Whistler Hotel Deals and Other Accommodation Deals

Because my family and I usually stay in hotels or condos when we ski on the weekends, I am always looking for Whistler deals on hotels and accommodations. And believe me, I have checked and cross referenced just about every site that offers Whistler accommodations.

So where can you find the best Whistler deals?

Well, unfortunately, I can't give you one definitive place to look, but as I mentioned above I almost always start at Expedia and work from there. If I find a deal on Expedia that looks good, I might go to the hotels website directly and check if there is a better rate or a price guarantee. One hotel that I know offers a great price guarantee is the Pan Pacific. If you find a better rate than they offer, they will match it and take off 10%! I have actually taken advantage of this guarantee myself.

Another way to potential save some money on Whistler accommodation is to look for condos that you can rent directly from owners. Often times this is the best option if you have a larger group that can't fit into a hotel room.

One final piece of advice when your looking for Whistler deals on hotels is to keep checking the prices. Many sites like Expedia and Travelocity are constantly offering different Whistler deals on accommodation that can change from day to day. 

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