Wandering Whistler And Looking For Wildlife

One of our family's favorite pastimes is just wandering Whistler. There is so much to see in this mountain setting that you will never get bored no matter what the season.

Whether it's people watching in Whistler Village,

Spring time stroll in Whistler village.
Wandering Whistler Village In The Spring

exploring enchanted castles hidden away on the mountains,

Callum in the Magic Forest Blackcomb Mountain Whistler BC
Exploring Enchanted Castles on Blackcomb Mtn.

"wandering" into the Blackcomb Glacier for a little fresh "pow",

Hiking into Blackcomb glacier Whistler BC Canada
Hiking Into Blackcomb Glacier

surveying one of the three championship golf courses,

Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Course
Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Course
(photo taken from fairmont.com)

or checking out the local wildlife (and no, I don't mean the 2am post-nightclub scene), there is plenty to see and do.

And speaking of wildlife, when you are wandering Whistler (especially in the spring and summer) there is a chance that you may encounter a local black bear. Some are of the friendly sort,

bear hug at the Roundhouse Lodge Whistler Mountain
Thomas and Mom Getting A Bear Hug, Roundhouse Day Lodge, Whistler Mountain

while others tend to be a little more on the wild side.

Close up of black bear Whistler BC CanadaBlack bear sea to sky highway Whistler Canada
Black Bear At The Side Of The Road, Whistler BC, Canada

Seeing black bears around Whistler is, unfortunately, becoming more and more common. I say unfortunately because, although it is very interesting to see such beautiful and powerful creatures up close and personal, when they start spending too much time in close proximity to people, their lives are in danger.

It is not uncommon for bears to break into cabins (through the front door or a window) and help themselves to what's in the refrigerator and the cupboards. And once they have learned that there is food inside, they will continue to break in to people's homes. If a bear is tagged as a repeat offender, unfortunately they are often times killed in order to prevent any further human-bear contact.

We saw the bear in the picture above just off to the side of the highway about two minutes outside of Whistler. I was a good 100 meters away when I took the photo (and hence the graininess). Here's some video footage I took as well.

Fortunately, as the problem of people encroaching on the black bear's territory has increased over the years, so has the awareness of the problem. Programs for dealing with bear-human contactBear proof garbage container, Whistler Village have been put in place, and by-laws have been passed to try and protect people and the bears.

Two of the biggest problems are garbage, and people feeding the bears.

When you are wandering Whistler you will notice that all of the garbage containers are bear-proofed. As well, there are no sever fines if you are caught with garbage at your home that is not in a bear proof garbage container.

For me the term "Don't Feed The Bears" hearkens back to my childhood and watching the Yogi Bear show. Unfortunately, feeding bears in real life is no laughing matter and usually becomes a death sentence for the bear.

Learning about bears in Whistler Village, BC Canada
Our Two Sons Thomas and Callum Looking at a Grizzly Bear Skull and Learning About Bears - Whistler Village

So if you do find yourself wandering Whistler, (especially if you are a little bit off the beaten path) remember to be "Bear Aware". For more tips on being bear smart, visit the Whistler based Get Bear Smart Society's "Becoming Bear Smart" webpage. 

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