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Discount Whistler Lift Tickets

This Is Perhaps The Best Deal You'll Find

When I contacted the Canadian Ski Council (CSC) recently to inquire about their discount Whistler lift tickets I was shocked. Why?

Well, it was the end of January (about half way through the ski season) and they still had over 10 of their Platinum Ticket packages available for sale.

So what, you say?

Let me explain.

A single day, adult lift ticket at Whistler Blackcomb currently costs $102 plus tax.

The cost of a pre-purchased 4-day lift ticket costs $370 plus tax for most of the season. (The price fluctuates somewhat throughout the season, but this is typically what you will pay. Click here for a comprehensive list of all ticket pricing.) That works out to $103.60 per day including tax.

Tickets purchased through the CSC's Platinum Ticket Package cost only $62 per day plus tax.

Now let's put that in context.

$832 In Savings...

Peak Chair on Whistler Mountain, view from Roundhouse Lodge View of Peak Chair on Whistler Mountain
from Roundhouse Lodge

Let's say that you are planning a trip to Whistler with four other adults at the end of February. During your trip each person in your party plans to ski or snowboard for 4 days. Even if you pre-purchase your 4-day ski lift tickets through your accommodation provider or directly from the resort, you will only save $10 off the ticket window price for the passes. In other words, instead of paying $380, you will each pay $370 (plus tax).

The grand total that the five of you will spend on lift tickets, including tax, will be $2,072

Now, let's look at a scenario where one smart person in the group (that would be you) decides to order a package of 20 discount whistler lift tickets from the Canadian Ski Council ahead of time. The cost for those 20 tickets?


With taxes (and a $10 processing fee, and $5 donation) included, the total cost of your Whistler Blackcomb tickets would be $1,405

That, my friend, is a savings of $832

Now can you understand why I was a bit shocked that more people aren't taking advantage of these savings?

If you don't require 20 adult lift tickets, don't worry, there are other options for obtaining discount Whistler lift tickets. Check out our Whistler Lift Ticket Wizard for the easiest way to find the perfect tickets for you and the rest of your family/group.

How The CSC Discount Whistler Lift Tickets Program Works

Each year the CSC puts together what they call a Corporate Ski Pass program through which they sell discounted ski/snowboard tickets to the public. These tickets can then be used at over 100 ski resorts across Canada. Only their "Platinum Package", which I referred to above, includes Whistler Blackcomb as one of the resorts.

Each ticket package contains 20 lift tickets. The Platinum Package costs $1,240, or $62 per ticket.

Corporate ticket packages go on sale around the first week of August for the upcoming ski season. There are limited quantities, and packages are sold on a first come, first served basis. So if you are interested in purchasing a package it is best to do it very early.

A Warning and a Prediction:

Warning: Do not wait until the last minute to try and order these tickets. As I said, these ticket packages are sold on a first come, first served basis. If you want to make sure that you do not miss out I highly recommend that you purchase your Platinum Package in early August.

"But you just said that packages were still available at the end of January?"

Prediction: True, but here is my prediction... The more people that know about this option for purchasing discount Whistler ski tickets, the harder they will be to get in the future. At present these tickets are not widely promoted, but as more websites (like this one) recommend them, the earlier they will be snapped up.

Are These Discount Whistler Lift Tickets Just For Canadians?

No. The CSC will ship these lift tickets anywhere in the world as long as you agree to pay for the shipping. Therefore, unlike the Whistler Edge Card program which is only available to people living in either Canada or Washington State, these discount Whistler ski tickets are available to anyone in the world.

Are There Other Benefits To Purchasing The CSC's Discount Whistler Lift Tickets?

Yes. For folks that live in provinces that charge less sales tax than British Columbia (12%), the savings will be even greater. For example, if you live in Alberta, you will only pay 5% tax on these lift tickets as opposed to the 12% you would pay if you were to purchase them in BC.

Who Is The Canadian Ski Council

The Canadian Ski Council is a body that represents the various groups involved in the ski (alpine and cross-country) and snowboarding industry in Canada. Groups focused on everything from instruction, racing, equipment wholesale and retail, ski area operation, disabled skiing etc. are all represented by the CSC. According to their website (www.skicanada.org)...

The goal of the Canadian Ski Council is to increase participation in recreational snowboarding, alpine and cross-country skiing in Canada.

The discount ski lift ticket program is therefore aimed at helping to achieve this goal by making access to the mountains more affordable. And you get to benefit!

Harmony Chair with Blackomb Seventh Heaven in background Skiing down under the Harmony Chair, Whistler Mtn, with
Blackcomb Seventh Heaven area in behind

Other Discount Whistler Ski Ticket Options

Can't take advantage of this deal for some reason? Don't worry, all is not lost. There are some other options when it comes to securing discount Whistler lift tickets.

One option that I mentioned above was the Whistler Blackcomb Edge Card. Another option that might make sense is purchasing your discount Whistler lift tickets from a 7-Eleven convenience store in either Vancouver or Squamish. Both are good alternatives.

But my top recommendation is to try our Whistler Blackcomb Ski Lift Ticket Wizard. By simply following the advice of the Wizard, 99 times out of 100 you will end up with the perfect (ie. cheapest) Whistler Blackcomb lift passes for you and your family/friends.

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