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As Seen From The Mountains

I figured a great way to give you an overview of Blackcomb Whistler accommodations would be to literally provide a "view" from "over" the resort itself. So, imagine yourself at 7,160 feet (2,182 meters) above sea level, perched on top of the peak of Whistler Mountain, on a gorgeous January ski day.

Here is what you might well see...

view from peak of Whistler Mountain looking at Rendezvous Lodge and Blackcomb Mountain

This is the view that you would have as you look to the North, out over the Roundhouse Day Lodge, towards the Seventh Heaven area of Blackcomb.

And if the clouds dissipated, here is what you would see further below you...

Blackcomb Whistler accommodations from peak of Whistler Mtn

In the picture/map above, if you look to the right hand side just above where it says "Peak 2 Peak Gondola", that is the the Seventh Heaven area on Blackcomb that you can see in the actual photo. The cloud cover is filling in the valley between the two mountains as well as the valley in which the village(s) are located.

The coloured areas represent the six different Whistler/Blackcomb Resort accommodation areas that house most of the available Blackcomb Whistler accommodations. Below you will see actual photos of these area from vantage points on the ski hills. The three white stars represent the approximate locations where these photos were taken.

Whistler Village, Whistler Village North and Nicklaus North

The photo below was taken from the Whistler Village Gondola and the location is represented by the middle white star on the map.

Whistler Village, Whistler Village North and Nicklaus North from gondola

As you look out from the gondola, you can see three of the areas represented on the map.

The yellow area is Whistler Village. This is the main village in the resort of Whistler and houses many restaurants, hotels, pubs/bars and retail shops. Gondolas servicing both Blackcomb and Whistler Mountains originate right from this area which makes it a top choice for Blackcomb Whistler accommodations.

The blue area is called Whistler Village North. This area also houses many accommodation options, restaurants and shops.

Finally, the aqua area covers Nicklaus North. Accommodations here are mainly private chalets and homes that sit adjacent to the Nicklaus North Golf Course.

Whistler Upper Village (Whistler Village North in Background)

This second photo was taken while standing on Blackcomb Mountain (we were skiing in the spring which is why there is no snow at the base of the mountain). The white star on the right (on the top map) shows the location where I was standing when the photo was taken.

view of Whistler Upper Village, Fairmont Chateau Whistler and base of Blackcomb

The purple area is the Whistler Upper Village and Benchlands. This area sits right at the base of Blackcomb Mountain, and is comprised mainly of hotels and condos, with the odd retail shop and restaurant. There are some excellent ski-in-ski-out condos located in this area as well as one of our favourite hotels, the Fairmont Chateau Whistler.

The blue area represents Whistler Village North as seen from a different angle.

Whistler Creekside Village

This final photo was taken skiing in to Whistler Creekside Village (see the white star on the left of the map for location).

view of Whistler Upper Village, Fairmont Chateau Whistler and base of Blackcomb

Creekside was the original base of Whistler Mountain when it first opened in the 1960's and was completely redeveloped over the past ten years to make it more visitor friendly. Again, there is some shopping and restaurants, but it is mostly comprised of Blackcomb Whistler accommodations. The Creekside Gondola accesses Whistler Mountain only, but once you are at the top it is easy to move over to Blackcomb Mountain via the Peak 2 Peak Gondola.

Now, you may have noticed that one of the areas on the map above (the green area) does not show up in any of the photos. This area, known as Blueberry Hill, houses mainly private chalets and homes with the odd condo as well.

Finally, as you begin (or continue) your Blackcomb Whistler accommodation search you will likely notice that the vast majority of the lodgings you will come across are located in the yellow, blue, purple and red area on the map. In saying that I hope this little photo experiment has given you a better "visual" understanding of just where these areas are located in relation to the each other and the ski mountains.

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