What Does He Think Is The Best Restaurant In Whistler...

and in Canada For That Matter?

Being a culinary novice at best, my opinion when it comes to choosing the best restaurant in Whistler would likely not be valued by too many folks.

Sure, I know that there are many fine eating establishments located in the resort of Whistler, and I have, over the years had the opportunity to dine in many of them. Could I offer up my personal favorites? Sure. But for me to choose "the best" Whistler restaurant would be difficult.

Instead, I will defer to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay for his opinion.

While I was watching The Hour (a talk show/current affairs show here in Canada) last evening, one of the guests was British chef and TV personality Gordon Ramsay. At one point in the interview the host, George Stroumboulopoulos (Strombo), and Gordon were talking about how important it is for a restaurant to serve food that is local, and in season. Gordon then began talking about how he had just recently spent two weeks in Whistler BC, and how he had been very impressed with the restaurant Araxi, which is located right in Whistler Village.

Entrance to Araxi, the best restaurant in Whistler The entrance to Araxi, the best restaurant in Whistler... and Canada?

One of the reasons he gave for his high praise of this Whistler restaurant was the fact that all of the ingredients used to prepare the dishes are fresh (in season) and locally produced (within 100 miles). Even the wine list has a local bias.

Later in the interview George asked Gordon what was, in his opinion, the best restaurant in Canada. His answer?

"The Araxi restaurant in Whistler."

Of course, if he feels that Araxi is the best restaurant in Canada, then through clever deduction, it must also be the best restaurant in Whistler in his opinion.

I've include the video of the full interview below, but to save you some time I have also transcribed the portions of the interview in which they are talking about Whistler and the Araxi restaurant.

Here are the transcribed portions and the time frame in the video to which they correspond (if you want to jump right to those parts).

Time frame: 00:44 to 00:50

Gordon: I spent a couple of weeks in Whistler last month, and I had the most amazing time.

Chef Gordon Ramsey in front of the Araxi Restaurant in Whistler BC Chef Gordon Ramsey in front of the
best restaurant in Whistler, Araxi Restaurant
Photo taken from a clip of the
television show Hell's Kitchen, Fox.com

Time frame: 2:25 to 3:00

Strombo: You brought up a neat point about eating food when it's in season, 12 months a year.

Gordon: Crucial.

Strombo: We keep thinking that we can have whatever we want whenever we want, and that's not the best way right?

Gordon: Absolutely, definitely. I'm just going back to the Whistler restaurant recently. The Araxi Restaurant. It was localized within 100 miles, all the fruit, veg, even the fish. Even the vineyards and the wine served locally within 100 miles of that restaurant. It was great. And if it's not available, it's not on the menu. It's as simple as that. If that menu has to become smaller and more reduced then the quality becomes better because if it's not in season it shouldn't be on the menu.

Time frame 12:18 to 12:22

Strombo: Best restaurant in Canada?

Gordon: The Araxi Restaurant in Whistler

Strombo: There you go.

And here is the complete interview. I'll warn you ahead of time that there are a few "F" words in the interview, one coming right before the last reference to Whistler at 12:18.

Gordon doesn't make reference to this in the interview, but there was a reason he was in Whistler for those two weeks. You see, as it turns out the winner of the sixth season of Gordon's show Hell's Kitchen would become the Head Chef of Araxi Restaurant during the Olympic Games in 2010.

Hell's Kitchen on Fox, Araxi, Whistler Photo taken from fox.com

Awards For Araxi Restaurant - The Best Restaurant In Whistler BC Canada

Araxi wine best of award of excellence - Whistler restaurant

Not only has Araxi received the "thumbs up" from Chef Ramsay, it has also received the award for "Best Restaurant in Whistler" for 9 consecutive years from Vancouver Magazine.

And its wine cellar? Again, for 9 consecutive years, Araxi has received the coveted 'Best Of' Award Of Excellence from Wine Spectator Magazine. In 2008 it also received the 'Award Of Distinction' from Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

What Others Are Saying About "The Best Restaurant In Whistler"

Praise for Araxi Restaurant, Whistler's best 

And not only is Araxi one of the best restaurants in Whistler, it is also one of the oldest. It opened its doors in 1981 (around the same time that Whistler Village was built) and has been going strong ever since.

If you would like ensure that you get to dine at the best restaurant in Whistler, make sure that you make a reservation before you arrive so that you are not disappointed!

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