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7 Eleven Whistler Lift Tickets

How Much, Where To Buy, And Should You Buy?

** 7 Eleven Whistler lift tickets (and optional rental packages) are now available for the 2012/2013 ski season! **

With the ticket window price of a one day adult Whistler Blackcomb lift pass currently sitting at $114.24 (including taxes, $102 before taxes), it behooves (love that word) you to try and seek out the best discount that you can on Whistler lift tickets. And depending on your situation, purchasing your lift tickets from 7-11 before you get to Whistler ski resort might be a great way to save some money.

I say "might" because even though a single day adult Whistler Blackcomb lift ticket purchased at a Vancouver or Squamish 7-Eleven convenience store costs $96.26 including tax ($14.62 cheaper than if you bought your ticket at the ticket window in Whistler), a better discount than purchasing 7 Eleven whistler lift tickets may still be possible.

In fact, there is a little known cheaper source for purchasing Whistler Blackcomb single day lift tickets ($11.26 per day cheaper including tax) right in Greater Vancouver, albeit not quite as convenient as purchasing at 7-Eleven.

Having said that, saving money by purchasing 7 Eleven Whistler Blackcomb lift tickets is easy:

South Squamish 7-11 store Whistler Blackcomb 7-Eleven Fast Tracks lift ticket
Simply stop in at a 7-Eleven in Vancouver or Squamish... purchase a "7-11 Fast Tracks" Whistler Blackcomb lift ticket...

The peak of Whistler Mountain facing south and you will end up here, the peak of Whistler Mountain, with a few extra dollars in your pocket
that you can put towards a little après-ski.

How Much Will You Pay For 7 Eleven Whistler Lift Tickets And How Much Will You Save?

The price that you will pay for a 7-11 "Fast Tracks" Lift Ticket will be dependent on two factors.

The first factor is your age. Adults (19-64 years of age), Youths & Seniors (13-18 & 65+ years of age) , and Children (7-12 years of age) all pay different prices. Keep in mind that children 6 and under ski and snowboard for free at Whistler Blackcomb so there is no need to purchase a lift ticket for them.

The second factor is whether or not you need a ski or snowboard rental package in addition to your lift pass.

The savings that are listed below are calculated by comparing 7 Eleven Whistler lift tickets to a comparable single day lift pass purchased through the resort. Savings on ski and snowboard rentals are likewise compared to a single day beginner ski/snowboard rental purchased through the resort.

Finally, keep in mind that in many instances greater savings can be achieved by choosing a different lift ticket option. And an easy way to find the best Whistler Blackcomb lift ticket option for you and your family and/or friends is to try our Whistler Lift Ticket Wizard. It only takes about 60 seconds to use the Wizard to find you the biggest discount. Click on the Wizard Chairlift to "take a ride" and save some money.

Wizard Chairlift at the base of Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler Canada Wizard Chairlift, Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler Canada

Alright, here is a breakdown of the 7-11 Whistler ski ticket prices and the savings you will realize.

The Breakdown

*all prices quoted below are BEFORE tax (12%) unless otherwise noted

Adults (19-64 years)

7-11 Whistler lift ticket sign in Squamish, BC Sign outside one of the 7-Elevens located in Squamish, BC
(Stawamus Chief in the background)


7 Eleven Whistler lift tickets for adults cost $85.95 per day.

If you include a ski or snowboard rental package the price is $27 more, for a total of $112.95 per day.


A single day lift ticket purchased at the resort of Whistler will cost an adult $102 Therefore, the 7-Eleven Fast Tracks ticket will save you $13.05

A one day ski or snowboard rental package (skis/boots/poles or boots/board) will cost an adult $38.39 when ordered from Whistler Blackcomb ahead of time. (Rental packages purchased when you arrive at the resort will cost $9.60 more, or $47.99) By purchasing a rental package along with a lift ticket from 7-Eleven, an adult will save $11.39 on the rentals.

Seniors (65+ years) and Youths (13-18 years)


7 Eleven Whistler lift tickets for seniors and youths are the same price, $73 per day.

A ski or snowboard rental package can be added for $27 per day, bringing the price to an even $100.


A senior or youth one day lift purchased in Whistler will cost $85. Therefore, a saving of $12 can be had by purchasing at a 7-11 store.

Thomas at the ticket window, Blackomb Base 2 At the ticket window, Blackcomb Mountain Base II

One day equipment rental packages for seniors and youths cost the same amount as the adult packages, $27 if pre-purchased.  (Rental packages ordered at the resort are an additional $9.60) Therefore, the savings are also the same as for adults, $11.39 per day.

Children (7-12 years)


7 Eleven Whistler lift tickets for children cost $45 per day.

With a ski or snowboard rental package added, the price increases to $66 per day, or $21 extra for the rental.


If you were to purchase a single day ticket for a child at one of the ticket windows in Whistler you would end up paying $510, $5 more than at 7-Eleven.

A one day kids ski set or snowboard set costs $21.59 when pre-purchased through the resort, a savings of just $0.59 (but more convenient than purchasing each separately). Add $5.40 per day if you were to book the rental package when you arrive at the resort.

Children 6 years of age and under ski and ride for free at Whistler Blackcomb, so there is no need to purchase them a lift ticket. However, you must get them a "free" ticket from one of the ticket windows or Guest Services offices at the resort before they can ride the lifts. Make sure you do this or you will be sent back from the front of the lift line to the ticket window by the lift operator.

How Do The 7 Eleven Lift Ticket Prices Compare To Other Options?

At first blush, 7 Eleven Whistler lift tickets look to be a great alternative to paying the full $102 that Whistler Blackcomb charges for a single day lift ticket. But when you look a little closer, for many people, there might be a better (ie. cheaper) option.

For example, anyone who lives in Canada or Washington State would be better off purchasing a Whistler Blackcomb Edge Card. At $84 for the first day (when pre-purchased) and $83 for subsequent days (during peak season), you are ahead of the 7-11 tickets by a few dollars per day. Purchase a 3 or 5 day Edge Card and your savings increase.

Are there other ticket options? Sure. But unfortunately there isn't 'one perfect option' for everyone. That's why I encourage folks to take 60 seconds and run through our Whistler Ticket Wizard in order to make sure they end up with the perfect lift ticket option for them.

At Which 7-11 Stores Can You Purchase 7 Eleven Whistler Lift Tickets?

Actually, the question should be where can't you purchase these tickets. The answer to that question is the 7-Eleven store located at YVR (Vancouver International Airport) and the 7-Eleven store located in Whistler Village North (for obvious reasons). Other than those two stores, you can purchase 7-Eleven Whistler lift tickets at any store in the Lower Mainland (Greater Vancouver Area) or Squamish (located half way between Vancouver and Whistler).

However, even though tickets are supposed to be available at all of these 7-11 stores, it is a good idea to call the store ahead of time (see the map below for locations and phone numbers) to make sure they have the quantity of tickets you need in stock. Also, if at all possible you should stop in at a store in Vancouver to get your tickets just in case the Squamish stores are sold out. I don't think this happens often, but it is possible. So, better safe than sorry.

Lower Mainland 7-Eleven Convenience Store Location Map

If you are arriving in Vancouver via the airport and then driving to Whistler from there, you have several convenient locations on your way where you can purchase 7 Eleven Whistler lift tickets.

On the map below, YVR (Vancouver International Airport) is located in the very bottom left corner. To get to Whistler you will be following Highway 99 the entire way once you exit from the airport. (You can find Highway 99 running north/south on the left hand side of the map. Highway 99 is also called Granville Street in the city.)

As you can see, there is a 7-Eleven store on Highway 99 (Granville St) close to the airport, as well as several others located throughout the downtown core (top left corner of the map). You can take your pick of these stores, or you can stop at one of the two 7-Eleven stores located in Squamish (zoom out on the map to find Squamish, north of Vancouver, along Highway 99).
For a complete list of all the different types of Whistler tickets available in addition to 7 Eleven Whistler lift tickets, and information on where to buy them, click here.

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