5 Star Hotels In Whistler

When our family set out to do a little "research" on all the 5 star hotels in Whistler it didn't take long. You see, although there are quite a few luxury hotels in Whistler BC, there is only one true 5 star hotel.

The Four Seasons Whistler.

And until recently, the Four Seasons was one of the few hotels in Whistler that we had not had the pleasure of staying at. We'd spent countless hours of "hard work" researching most of the other luxury accommodation in the resort... The Fairmont Chateau Whistler, The Pan Pacific Whistler Village Centre and The Whistler Hilton (all 4½ star hotels) to name a few, but never the ultra luxurious, five star, Four Seasons Resort Whistler.

Callum in bathrobe with towel, in the spa of the Fairmont Whistler Relaxing outdoors by the fire at the Chateau Whistler, Whistler Mountain behind
Our son Cal ready for some "research" in the
spa/pool area of the Fairmont Chateau Whistler

Cal relaxing with his mom at the
Fairmont's outdoor fire pit

Lobby and fireplace at the Whistler Hilton Hotel Breakfast at the Pan Pacific Whistler Village Centre
The boys checking out the lobby of the Whistler Hilton after a day on the mountains
Mom and our boys sampling the complimentary breakfast at the Pan Pacific Whistler Village Centre

So this past December, for our annual pre-Christmas trip to Whistler, I decided to book us in for three nights at the Four Seasons as a bit of an early Christmas present for the family. We were excited to say the least. But we also wanted to see for ourselves why there weren't any other 5 star hotels in Whistler. In other words, was the Four Seasons really a step above the rest?

Free stuffies for the boys at Whistler's only 5 star hotel. Free stuffies... clearly the
reason there are no other
5 star hotels in Whistler

It didn't take long to convince us (well, at least the boys).

Upon check-in the they were presented with free "stuffies" (an eagle and a beaver if I remember correctly).

That was it. They were sold.

This was the best hotel in Whistler. I mean, c'mon. Free stuffies!

But mom and dad weren't left out either. There was a free "adult" gift waiting for us in our room. A nice bottle of red wine, along with some exceptionally decorated chocolate treats and gummie worms for us all. Mom and dad were almost convinced.

Complimentary red wine and chocolates in our suite at the 5 star Four Seasons Inside our Deluxe Suite, Whistler Four Seasons
Complimentary wine, chocolates and
gummies in our room

Relaxing in our Deluxe Suite,
Four Seasons Whistler Resort

Arriving the week before Christmas, we found the resort beautifully decorated for the holidays with lights, Christmas trees, wreaths and even gingerbread houses.

Lobby, 5 star Whistler hotel decorated for Christmas, Mom and Cal Mom and Callum relax in the lobby of the Four Seasons Whistler decorated for Christmas

Lots of decorations for the kids
Warming up by the lobby fireplace with
some complimentary hot chocolate

Our room, a Deluxe Suite, was spacious, spotless and opulent. And the resort itself was beautiful.

The bathroom of our Deluxe Suite Four Seasons Whistler 5 star resort The ice sculpture bar at the five star Four Seasons pool area
The bathroom in our Deluxe Suite
The ice sculpture bar by the pool

The staff, hailing from around the globe, were extremely friendly and attentive. From helping the boys with their ski boots in the morning at the ski concierge, to free hot chocolate and cookies after the ski day was over, we were well looked after.

Help with ski boots, Four Seasons Whistler ski concierge Apres-ski hot chocolate at the five star hotel in Whistler Free cookies after a hard days skiing, Four Seasons
The Four Seasons Whistler Ski Concierge... help with the kid's ski boots and complimentary après-ski hot chocolate and cookies

After 3 nights we were all convinced.  In our opinion there are no other 5 star hotels in Whistler. But why trust us?

No Other 5 Star Hotels In Whistler... Says Who?!

Rating hotels is a very subjective undertaking. What one person thinks is a castle, another thinks is a dungeon. And rating hotels in Whistler is certainly no different.

Because our family lives in Vancouver, when we travel to Whistler we need a place to stay. Therefore I'm often looking at the various travel booking sites when planning our next trip. While doing so I can't help but notice the ratings of the various hotels on the different sites, and quite frankly I often find myself very surprised at how much the ratings differ from one site to the next.

But when it comes to rating the 5 star hotels in Whistler I have yet to see any website list anything other than the Four Seasons Whistler Resort as five star.

Free stuffies for the boys at Whistler's only 5 star hotel. 

Tourism Whistler (the official tourism organization for the Resort Municipality of Whistler), awards the Four Seasons its only "5 peak" rating. (The "peak" rating system is their version of the star rating service.)

The Four Seasons is also one of only two hotels in all of Canada to be awarded the AAA's prestigious "Five Diamond Award". Here is how the AAA describes hotels/resorts that are awarded Five Diamond status.

So don't just take our word for it. If you are looking for a true 5 star luxury experience in the Resort of Whistler, you won't be disappointed if you book yourself a suite at the Four Seasons.

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