Whistler Or Blackcomb?

If Only All Of Life's Decisions Were So... Enjoyably Difficult

Over the past 17 Whistler Blackcomb ski seasons I'm not sure how many times it has happened, but here I am again. It's 8 a.m., and I find myself standing at the south end of the village after another legendary snowfall has just blanketed the mountains. I stare up at arguably two of the greatest ski/snowboard mountains in the world, looking left, and then right, unable to decide...

Should I ski Whistler today? Or Blackcomb?

Decisions, decisions.

The truth is, I often compromise and ski both mountains.

In front of the Peak to Peak gondola, Blackcomb Mountain

You see, the beauty of having two world class recreational mountains located side by side (the bottom of the gondolas are only 200 feet apart) is that you really don't have to decide. You can enjoy both mountains on the same day. And in fact, as of December 2008 you can travel from one mountain to the other on the new Peak to Peak gondola in just 11 minutes.

Another great thing about Whistler is that visiting in the summer...

Our family, Whistler mountain inukshuk in the summer

can be just as much fun as visiting in the winter!

Our family, Whistler mountain inukshuk in the winter

With Whistler Blackcomb (arguably the #1 mountain resort in North America) only a two hour drive up the famed "sea to sky" highway from our family's home in Vancouver, BC, we vacation in the resort as much as possible. We ski the mountains. We stay at the hotels, resorts and condos. We eat at the restaurants and take in the après-ski when absolutely necessary (for research purposes only). We bike the trails and golf the courses.

Snow covered inukshuk, peak of Whistler mountain

You might say we are "professional" Whistler vacationers (although we chose to maintain our amateur status for the 2010 Winter Olympics). And we want to help make your next vacation in this beautiful mountain resort the best it can possibly be.

  • Considering booking a particular hotel? We have probably stayed there, swam in the pool and soaked in the hot tub.

  • Want a tour of the mountains? Come along for the ride. We have a collection of photos, videos and insider tips to help you get the most out of the mountains.

  • Don't want to ski/snowboard every day? How does world class shopping, hitting the tube park, ziptrekking through the treetops or snowmobiling the backcountry sound?

  • Coming in the summer? No problem. Golf, bike, hike and swim. And do it all amongst stunning scenery.

  • Not sure what restaurants to eat at? We've sampled a good portion of them.

  • Traveling with kids? They're going to love it! Ours do. And we'll show you how to keep them entertained from start to finish.

  • Not sure how to get to Whistler? We'll show you how even getting there can be a memorable experience.

So come on in...

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